The Acadia TESOL Certificate

The School of Education will be giving students at Acadia the opportunity to gain TESOL certification as part of their BEd Degree.

The TESOL certification option is an exciting new opportunity if you are interested in doing an international placement as part of your BEd or are simply interested in pursuing English Language teaching opportunities  abroad or within Canada after graduation. The certificate program will give you a firm grounding in English Language teaching methods, linguistic and language acquisition theory, and give you practical ESL teaching experience.

How do I complete the certificate?

In order to receive the certificate you will need to complete
     4673 Teaching English as a second language.
     4683 Linguistics for Teachers.
     4863 Acquisition of language.

There is also a short practicum requirement of 10 teaching hours and 10 hours observing an experienced teacher.

Delivery of the courses

Please see the schedule as outlined on Open Acadia's website,


Students interested in taking individual courses as electives can do that, however, it is recommended that students interested in taking 4673, Teaching English as a Second Language, take 4863 Linguistics for Teachers and 4683 Acquisition of Language as pre- or co-requisites.

How do I sign up for the certificate?

You must first register for all three courses. You must also make arrangements to have your practicum assessed. For those going on international placements, you can likely arrange to fulfill the requirements as part of this. Those not going on international placements will need to arrange a short practicum with Open Acadia here on campus teaching EAP students or some other suitable practicum experience.

Who is the certificate accredited by?

The Acadia Certificate is recognized by TESL Canada.

I've already taken one or two of the courses, do I have to take them over?

No, In order to complete the certificate you will only have to attend classes and submit assignments on material that you have not yet covered.

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