Current Students

The information in this section pertains to students currently enrolled in Bachelor or Master of Education programs.

Course Completion and Program Continuation

When circumstances warrant, individual faculty members may grant students extensions on course assignments. If the extension is for medical reasons, it must be certified, and there may be more than one extension. A maximum of one negotiated extension is permitted in non-medical extensions. The maximum time allowed for submission of overdue assignments will be 30 days past the last day of the school term (for BEd students, this means 30 days after the last day of practicum). Faculty will submit the grade earned by the student in the course by the appropriate deadline set by the Registrar each term and, if necessary, complete a mark change upon evaluation of any assignments students complete through contracted extensions.

Students who fall into any one of the following categories may not be permitted to proceed/continue in their teaching practicum following a coursework term. Students who 

1. fail to complete and submit their coursework before the beginning of the ensuing practicum
2. fail a course in the BEd curriculum
3. are found to be unprofessional according to the School of Education Professional Conduct Manual and NSTU Code of Ethics

The maximum number of classes that can be missed with a reasonable excuse is two. After two classes without due excuse, students could lose the course.

Failure in any two courses (including field placement courses) in the BEd program will result in dismissal from the program. This includes

  • failing a course once, repeating the course and failing again
  • failing a course, repeating the course and passing, and failing another course
  • failing two different courses. There will be no opportunity to repeat the courses.


Welcome and Information

Dear Education Students:

The School of Education office staff welcomes you to the School of Education! We look forward to assisting you throughout your programs.

Students who wish to meet with the Director, are asked to contact Shauna Coldwell Sweeney to book an appointment.

Our Graduate Program Coordinator can be contacted via

Please use the secure drop box located outside our Main Office when you are leaving items for faculty or staff.

When e-mailing a request to the Main Office, please forward your message to one staff member only to avoid potential duplication of work.

We hope you enjoy your time at the School of Education!

Shauna Coldwell Sweeney
Melanie MacEachern

Campus Resources:
Office/school supplies:  A small self-service supply station is located on the pink bookshelf next to the drop box outside the main office in Seminary. The University Bookstore, Wheelock Hall (main level), also carries general office supplies.
Printers Available to Students on Campus:
Faxing services: Info desk in the SUB
Telephone: pay phone in Seminary main lobby.   The Main Office telephone (located in a staff work area) is not for public use.

B.Ed. General Information - information that pertains to students in both the 16 month and 2 year programs:

  • Academic Calendar
  • Important Calendar Dates
  • Electives
  • Guidelines for Professional Conduct
  • Professional Development Sessions
  • Scholarship and Bursary Information
  • TESOL Certificate

*B.Ed. course information, specific to year-of-program, is available via the navigation menu on the left.

M.Ed. Information - information for graduate students

  • Academic Calendar
  • M.Ed. Study Options Handbook
  • Timetable
  • Important Dates
  • Information for New Graduate Education Students