Dr. David MacKinnon


School of Education
Box 57
Acadia University
Wolfville, Nova Scotia
B4P 2R6

Office: Emmerson 305
Phone: (902) 585-1231
Fax: (902) 585-1761

Email: david.mackinnon@acadiau.ca


Education: B.Sc., B.Ed., M.Ed., Ph.D. (Alberta)

Research Interests:

Organizational theory and school culture
Leadership (especially pertaining to social justice)
Interpretive and critical research methodologies
Human sexuality
Rural schools and communities

Recent Publications:

MacKinnon, D. (2005). Engaging practicing and prospective administrators in dialogue on privilege and marginalization. In H. Armstrong (Ed.), Informing the practice of school administration in Canada. Calgary, AB: Detselig.

Boyce, W, Doherty, M., Fortin, C, & MacKinnon, D. (2003). Canadian youth, sexual health, and HIV/AIDS study. Toronto: Council of Ministers of Education, Canada.

Langille, D., MacKinnon, D., Marshall, E., & Graham, J. (2001). So manybricks in the wall: Young women in Nova Scotia speak about barriers to school-based sexual health education. Sex Education, 1(3), 245-257.

Moore, L., & MacKinnon, D. (2001). Preadolescent girls and the presentation of self: A dramaturgical perspective. The Alberta Journal of Educational Research, XLVII(4), 309-324.

MacKinnon, D. (2001). A wolf in sheep's clothing: A critique of the Atlantic Provinces Educational Foundation Program. In J. P. Potelli & R. P. Solomon (Eds.), The erosion of democracy in education (pp. 117-144). Calgary, AB: Detselig.

MacKinnon, D. (2000). Equity, leadership, and schooling. Exceptionality Education Canada, 10(1-2), 5-21.

Additional Information: