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Degree Programs

The School of Education recognizes the increasing complexity of the field of education in the contexts of cultural pluralism, globalization, and the changing nature of today's workforce and social experience. Therefore, it works toward preparing professionals who are caring, innovative, well-informed, and capable of making positive contributions to their profession. The community within the School of Education is one in which a diversity of beliefs and opinions about educational theories and practices is considered and respected.

The School of Education has a long history of offering quality graduate and undergraduate degree programs recognized nationally and internationally.

Post Undergraduate (Bachelor of Education)

The full-time B.Ed. program offers approximately 250 selected B.Ed. students the opportunity to learn in a supportive and challenging class environment that is particularly small. The program provides the opportunity for elementary and secondary student teachers to connect in various required and elective courses to discuss teaching in a local and global context. The faculty and staff in the School of Education provide a supportive environment for learning. Their diverse academic and professional expertise provides students with some of the best educational instruction available. In addition, the faculty and staff maintain a close working relationship with students, taking on the role of advisor throughout the program.

There are two options for program delivery of the B.Ed. program at Acadia University:

1) 16 Month Consecutive Bachelor of Education Program
2) Two year (Sept-April) Bachelor of Education Program

Graduate (Master of Education)

Graduate programs in the School of Education are offered for both full-time and part-time study. The goal is to prepare graduates for leadership roles in the areas of Inclusive Education, Curriculum Studies, Leadership and Counselling. Collaborative partnerships with School Boards have resulted in the School of Education offering graduate programs to cohorts of students in various geographical locations.

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