Counselling Education News

We are so fortunate to have Tanya Surette on our team within our MEd Counselling program here at the Acadia School of Education. Tanya is a fantastic educator, researcher, mother, and a truly inspiring woman to her students. Tanya was born and raised in Alberta where she had worked as an Educational Psychologist. Tanya obtained her PhD from the University of Calgary, with a research program focus on social justice as well as gender and sexual minority youth within Alberta.

Tanya loves the Acadia School of Education, she says “I love how small it is and how close everyone gets to work with one another. I have amazing colleagues and a close-knit team which enables us to provide that same close-knit feeling and opportunities to our students here as we help them grow”.

Tanya feels so lucky to be part of the Acadia School of Education team as the school turns 100 this year. Tanya is all about “creating opportunity within our communities and deepening our connections” which is such a strong message going into our 100th year. We are so lucky to have Tanya here at the School of Education!

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