Teacher Education News

This is Liam Russell! Liam is in his second year of the B.Ed. program. Liam was born and raised in Kentville, NS. Liam attended Acadia for his undergraduate degree, graduating with a double major in History and French. Some of Liam's passions include music, sports, travelling, education, and spending time with the people close to him. Liam has chosen to become a teacher because he wants to inspire the next generation. Liam says “I want to be someone who influences positive change and impacts the world around them. As teachers, we are given the enormous responsibility of educating and preparing the citizens and leaders of tomorrow.
Although it may seem like a daunting task, it is one that I look forward to. Also, I believe that education is my calling – teaching is something that I am passionate about and it is something I know I can do well. I think it is pretty amazing that we are all able to name a least one teacher that has changed our life in a significant way. It brings me joy to know that I could one day be that person for somebody. I believe that the teaching profession, while definitely challenging, is the most fulfilling career path available.” Liam's favorite part of the B.Ed. program is the sense of community. Liam's background in French has allowed him to pursue teaching experiences both in Canada and abroad. For example, Liam worked part-time as a French language assistant at the Wolfville School during the final year of his undergrad. Moreover, after finishing his degree, he was offered a job to teach English in Poitiers, France. For an entire year, Liam worked and lived in France, which was a dream come true. Great job Liam!

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