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One of our wonderful B.Ed professors Dr. Marie Edwards grew up in Australia and went straight from high school to do her first teaching degree. As part of her initial teacher training, she went on exchange to upstate New York where she did her final semester . Soon after she began work in the country town of Port Lincoln in South Australia. At this school she also began to take on leadership roles, school counsellor, supporting teacher professional learning in Math, Assessment and Gifted and Talented education.

At her next school, the focus was all about the brain and learning. There was incredible work happening with the teachers and students, learning from the work of John Joseph. This was the beginning of Marie's curiosity with learning “how we learn and laying the foundations for her learning of Self-Reg.”

Marie then worked in a small town of Smithers BC. Marie worked as a music specialist teacher, a vice principal role, and being a principal of a beautiful school on the edge of town. Within these years Marie began a Masters focusing on self-reg and the work of Dr. Shanker. After 9 years she made the decision to return to Australia – Tasmania. She continued her studies in Self-Reg through the MEHRIT Centre.

This led Marie to taking on a PhD. With an intimate understanding of the stressors of teaching, she wanted to support teachers in their understanding and application of Self-Reg and better understand whether this would assist in their own management of stress. Marie was fortunate to be able to join a team of researchers from 3 Australian universities seeking to support students in low socioeconomic areas improve their academic and wellbeing outcomes through research in 5 areas – team teaching, flexible learning spaces, the use of digital technology, wellbeing, and personalized learning.

With PhD data collected, a new opportunity arose, and she found herself heading back to Canada, here to Wolfville.

Marie loves working with the students here at Acadia. “There are always new things to learn as I connect to and learn about education in Nova Scotia. My thesis writing continues to have surges and lulls and I am fortunate to be part of a research team and supervisory team that is publishing on important factors in education” she says.

Marie has a message to our students heading out on practicum very soon, she says “To all of you heading out in February, being in schools will give you the venue you have been yearning for to put into practice all the learning you have done over the past months. You will see things in action by observing in different classrooms. You will be able to reflect and connect. You might see incredible educators who integrate and seamlessly bring safe, challenging, and rich learning environments, notice, notice, notice. You might observe practices that contradict some of your recent learning, notice, notice, notice. Ask lots of questions, take the opportunities that come your way and seek more, because this will be you soon. You will be tapping into your own integrity and identity as a teacher; you will be establishing equitable, inclusive, and safe learning environments that will engage and inspire your learners; you will be getting to know your learners and their families so that you can create plans to meet their diverse needs; you will be making decisions and justifying your practice, you will be an important part of a team of professionals. What an opportunity! Enjoy!"

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