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Let's talk about our amazing Director, Dr. Janet Dyment! Dr. Dyment, who is originally from Ottawa, has completed her undergraduate degree at Trent University, Bachelor of Education at Queen's University, Masters Degree from Simon Fraser University and her PHD from Lakehead University.

Dr. Dyment has recently just joined us here at Acadia, travelling all the way from Australia where she had worked at the University of Tasmania. Dr. Dyment has a passion for outdoor education as well as having two young boys!

Dr. Dyment is working to build cohesion within the School of Education and provide all students here within the Acadia School of Education a deep, authentic and innovative learning experience. She is building community and partnership within our school and our community.

Dr. Dyment is so excited to be here for the 100th year anniversary of Acadia’s School of Education. She wants us to celebrate as well as take a hard look at where we have come from and look forward to where we want to be.

We are so lucky to have Dr. Dyment!

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