You are invited to apply for the Music Education program at Acadia University.  The Acadia Music Education program is intended to provide the Bachelor of Education students with methodologies necessary for the teaching of Music as currently offered at the elementary and secondary levels in the public school system.  There are two ways in which you can enter the Music Program.  If you see yourself primarily as an elementary music specialist, you should apply through the elementary route.  If you wish to teach instrumental and choral music at the middle or high school level, you should make application to the secondary education program.

Students in Music Education will be enrolled in the 60 credit hours (two-year program) Bachelor of Education degree, which will include methods courses in music along with other courses taken with students preparing for a variety of classroom areas. Eighteen to twenty weeks of practice teaching provide students with opportunities to observe and teach music in elementary and secondary settings.  If you are entering through the elementary route, you will also have experiences in the general elementary classroom.  Students entering the program through the secondary route will also do a practicum in their other secondary discipline with assistance from experienced classroom teachers and supervisors.

Admission is gained through normal Bachelor of Education admissions procedures. Entrance requirements include a 2.67 (B-) GPA, an undergraduate degree in Music with a concentration in Music Instruction. Prospective students should demonstrate proficiencies in the following areas: Primary Instrument or Voice, Functional Keyboard, Conducting.  In addition, they should have experiences in the following areas: Music Theory and Ear Training, Music History, Pedagogy of Band and String Instruments, Method courses in: brass, single reed, percussion & flute and double reed, Elementary Methods and/ or Secondary Methods, Child Developmental Approaches (i.e. Orff and Kodaly), Music Technology, Choral Music, Large and Small Performing Ensembles (i.e. Jazz Band, Concert Band, Orchestra, Choir, etc.). 

Please note that prospective students must also meet general elementary or secondary requirements for entrance.  

For further information, please contact the School of Education, .