Professional Development Certificate

The B. Ed. Society organizes several Professional Learning opportunities throughout the program.  Pre-service teachers are invited to attend these sessions to enhance their understanding and learnings regarding issues and concepts important to the teaching profession.  Examples include: the Nova Scotia Teachers Union, PowerSchool Pro/Power Teacher, Resume Writing, the hiring process, etc.

Students who attend a minimum of 4 professional learning sessions will receive a Professional Development Certificate.

A schedule of sessions will be posted once confirmed. Sessions are not mandatory.



B. Ed. Student Society Executive 2020-2021

2-Year Co-President: Katie Winters

16-Month Co-President: Corrine Trottier

16-month Representative: Emma Kyte

PD Coordinator: Mitch Brown

Elementary Representative: Annie Kennedy

Secondary Representatives: Adrien Lewis

Event Coordinators: Emma Kyte, Allison Higgs, Corrine Trottier, and Samantha Corkum

Secretary: Allison Higgs

Regular Membership: Noah Fry

Treasurer: Nicole Ivany


Student Representatives at School of Education School Council Meetings

Th B.Ed. Student Society has an opportunity to have representation at School of Education School Council meetings. Please access the terms of reference here.