tl_files/sites/education/resources/Site Pictures/BEdPhotos/HHwithStudents.jpgAcadia’s School of Education enjoys a long tradition and widespread recognition in teacher preparation and continuing teacher development. Offering undergraduate (B.Ed.), graduate (M.Ed.), and doctoral (Ph.D.) programs in a variety of delivery modes articulated to the diverse needs of today’s students and professionals, the School works closely with our partners in the profession to provide intellectually challenging, critically responsive, and innovative teacher education.  Our programs recognize and account for the growing complexity of the field of education within the larger context of cultural pluralism, globalization, and the changing nature of learning and work.  We seek to respond to these challenges by nurturing a community of informed and caring educators committed to the principles of life-long learning.


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**Minimal Cost, Four-Month
Practicum in China**

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Oct 28/14 12:00 am

The B.Ed. application is available online!

Apply Online
Deadline is January 23, 2015!

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May 10/12 4:32 pm

Axcess Acadia

Inclusive Post-secondary Education Program for students with disabilities.

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May 9/12 1:53 pm

Inter-University Doctoral Program in Educational Studies

Ph.D. Acadia Coordinator, Dr. Lynn Aylward, lynn.aylward@acadiau.ca - Participating Universities: Acadia, Mount Saint Vincent, and St. Francis Xavier

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