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M.Ed. Program Planners
  • Program Planner Sheets
    • A common problem arises when students leave the completion of core courses until the end of their program; please intentionally complete core courses in the first year so as to leave yourself the flexibility to complete the program in the timeframe that best suits your professional plans.
    • It should be understood, that it remains solely the student's responsibility to monitor their own program and whether they have met degree requirements.
    • Please visit our Master of Education programs page to download the Program Planner Sheet for your program of study.
Specialized Courses
  • Explorations (EDUC 5143) is a course that allows students to get credit for 120 hours of accumulated professional development experiences directly and justifiably related to their core discipline. This pd would normally take place during their enrollment in the MEd program - a few exceptions apply. 
  • This course is only accessible to enrolled MEd students who have completed 9 credit hours in their MEd program already.
  • After the forms (below) are completed as per the directions included and upon approval of the Graduate Coordinator, students upon payment of tuition will get credit (3 ch) for the Explorations course as part of their Acadia program. Read the instructions carefully as some restrictions apply and forward any questions regarding suitability to the graduate coordinator.

•  Education Explorations Form (.pdf or .doc)

•  Sample Education Explorations Form (.pdf)

•  Education Explorations Course Instructions


  • Readings (EDUC 5153) is a course that allows students to investigate an area of readings interest as an independent study with a faculty member. This course is only accessible to enrolled MEd students who have completed 9 credit hours in their MEd program already. The course contents and assessment scheme are negotiated between student and participating faculty member and are necessarily approved by the Graduate Coordinator. The range of studies and course outputs are widely flexible with the caveat that a seminal reading list forms the foundation of the course. The form below is intended to be a template only which can be shaped to address the desired outcomes of the course with the expectation that there be a rigorous review of the relevant literature and a significant evaluation component that addresses the student's engagement of the topic.

Stepwise Process:

• Read about faculty interests and areas at: https://education.acadiau.ca/faculty-staff.html
• Approach an Acadia faculty member or adjunct faculty about their availability
• Download the course proposal form (word.doc)
• Over a meeting with the instructor, negotiate: the contents, deliverables and evaluation of the course
• Submit the signed form to the Graduate Coordinator (graded@acadiau.ca)
• Await approval to proceed


Transfer and Waiver of Courses
Project and Thesis Forms

IMPORTANT: Students undertaking a Thesis or a Project are expected to familiarize themselves with the MEd Study Options Handbook.

Leave of Absence from Studies